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Owasso Masonic Lodge 545

Owasso, Oklahoma

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How to Join?

Step 1: Ask a Mason
A: Talk to someone you know who is a Mason.
B: Call Our Lodge and speak to a Mason.
C: Stop by and visit Lodge on almost any Tuesday night and meet us in person.

Step 2: Complete a Petition
A: Complete petition form.
B: Pay $100 petion Fee.

What are requirements to be a Mason?
1. Be a man 18 years of age or older.
2. Have a belief in a supreme being.
3. Of good moral standing.

What does it cost to become a Member?
Answer: $100 with petition, $50 prior to Entered Apprertice Degree, and $50 prior to Dellowcraft Degree (Total=$200.00).

What annual membership dues?
Answer: Current annual dues are $102.00 / year.

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Owasso Masonic Lodge 545
11680 E 76th St N
PO Box 182
Owasso, OK 74055

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