Owasso Masonic Lodge 545
Owasso, Oklahoma
Owasso Masonic Lodge 545 | 11680 E 76th St N; Owasso, OK 74055 | 918-272-1377
1. Is Freemasonry anti-religion? No. Although a few individual masonic authors have commented unfavorably on individual religions, many more have written about the value of religion and religions. Freemasonry as a body is indifferent to religion.

2. Does Freemasonry have secrets? Yes. As with any fraternal organization, Freemasonry has secrets which the organization attempts to maintain including rituals, handshakes, etc. However, given that we live in the electronic age, most of this information is readily available in the public domain (if you chose to trust its validity). However the true secrets of Masonry exist between the individual Masons and the trust and or bond founded on the morals of friendship and brotherly love.

3. Is it true that Masonry is a Religion? No. Freemasonry seeks no converts. Freemasonry has no dogma, cosmology or theology. Freemasonry offers no sacraments nor does it claim to lead to salvation. Freemasonry is not a religion.

4. Do I have to be a Christian to become a Mason? No. Freemasonry only requires that you confirm faith in a Supreme Being. Consequently, sectarian discussions within the lodge are not permitted. Is Freemasonry a Charity? No. Although Masons support a number of charitable causes and are engaged in charitable work, the organization is not a charity. It is first and foremost a fraternity.

5. Is Freemasonry a racist organization? No. Freemasonry has no bar to membership based on race, religion or creed. If there have been Freemasons who have voted to reject an applicant for one of these reasons, it was an act inconsistent with Masonic principles.

6. Do Freemasons worship Satan? No. Freemasonry, not being a religion by any definition, does not "worship" any specific Supreme Being.

7. Is it true that members can never quit? No. No recognized Grand Lodge jurisdiction can coerce or compel membership. If a member wishes to cease being a Freemason, he is free to do so.

8. What does A.F. & A.M. mean? Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry. Although the words represent historical ties, they are no indication of recognition or ritual. The definitions noted are not absolute in that several grand jurisdictions arbitrarily chose which terms to include in their name when they were constituted. Those Grand Lodges that don't use the appellation "Ancient", claim immediate descent from the "Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons under the constitution of England". This Grand Lodge was constituted from four lodges on June 24, 1717 and designated "Modern", or premier. The "Moderns" and "Ancients" united in November 25, 1813 to form the United Grand Lodge of Ancient Freemasons of England.

9. Is Freemasonry male chauvinistic? No. Freemasonry is a fraternity just as Eta Mu is a sororiety.

10. Does Freemasonry have a secret political agenda? No. A long-standing rule within regular English-speaking Freemasonry is a prohibition on the discussion of politics in a lodge and the participation of lodges or masonic bodies in political pursuits.
Freqently Asked Questions about Masonry